Years 7 and 8 Mobile Learning

BYOD Mobile Learning for Years 7 and 8: FAQ

What do I have to do to use my mobile device on the internet at school?
Register your device by going to the AVA office and speak to Mrs King.

What happens when I register my device? 
A record is kept of your name along with the device’s Wi-Fi address. The device is then entered into the system where MAC filtering is used. When you access the internet using the school’s wireless network you will be filtered by rocket filtering.

What is my username and password for the wireless network?
Your username and password is the same as your username and password you use to logon to any computer in the school.

How do I print from my device?
For devices which have a USB port, files can be printed by transferring them to a pen drive and then logging onto a desktop computer at school.
For ipads this is simple providing the App allows printing. For example to print from the Pages App open the document, tap the spanner icon top right of the screen, select Share and Print, select the printer that you are using from the drop down list.You will be asked for a username and password. Use your school network username and password. If you can’t print check that you are connected to the Student wi fi connection and not to Provisioning.

BYOD Core Apps

Guidance for Parents:

You may wish to create two Apple IDs. One with a credit attached and one without which your daughter uses on her iPad. Then purchase Apps by gifting them to your daughters Apple ID. For details on how to do this go to

The following is a list of Core apps that are non-subject specific.
Your daughter will use the same Apps in different ways in different subjects.

• Safari (internet Browser) – included
• Notes (free)
• Pages (word processing) – £6.99
• Camera/video – built in
• iMovie (movie editing App) – £2.99
• Explain Everything – £1.99
• ShowMe – free
• Morph -free
• Creative book Builder -£2.49
• Drawing App (Bamboo paper education version (free), Drawing Pad… many to choose from)
• Flashcards deluxe lite (free) full version – £2.49
• OverDrive (Jersey Library free loan of eBooks and audio books) – free
• iBooks – free
• Adobe Reader – free
• ClickView – free
• Total Recall – free
• FastKeyboard (free version) – free


Noteshelf and Notability – both hand writing Apps, very good when used with a stylus.
Notability allows the import of PDFs and images for annotation.
Noteshelf has a better feel but does not allow the import of PDFs, only photos.