Year 12 Bridging Work

On this page you will find the Bridging Work to be completed for each of your chosen courses (offered by JCG) before the start of term.

The purpose of the Bridging Work is not merely to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level. We want you to have a ‘flavour’ of A level study before starting your courses. It is important that you enjoy and are successful with your chosen subjects and gain an appreciation that what it takes to be successful at GCSE is significantly different from being successful at A level. Although you have fewer subjects, the volume of work will be more demanding, you will study subjects in more depth and detail, you may even require different skills. The work will be challenging and you will need to be resilient but the sense of achievement is well worth the effort.

The Bridging work will also help you gauge whether the subject is for you, especially if you have been worried or uncertain about one of your choices.
There is an expectation that you will complete all of the work even if you struggle with some of the content. In fact we would be a little disappointed if you do not struggle – deep learning only happens when we struggle. Don’t worry.

Your Bridging Work will form the focus of the first few lessons and is expected to take between 1-3 hours per subject, so please give yourself time to complete without creating unnecessary stress.
If you have any general questions please email Miss Lea at r.lea@Jcg.sch.je