The Library

Our School Library is a pleasant environment for students, well-equipped with study and reading resources. It is an information centre, which students can use to borrow books, find out information or read and study. These are quiet study facilities and can seat 60 individuals. There are also 19 computers in C16, the adjoining classroom. Students have access to a wide range of fiction, magazines, daily newspapers, non-fiction and reference books. The Library also houses the Careers Library, where the Sixth Form students may browse the up to date careers information booklets, and University Prospectuses.

The Library uses a computer programme called ‘Oliver’, which allows students to see if their chosen book is available, check on their loans and read the home page. Students can log on to the ‘Oliver’ system by using the six digit number from their smartcard as their user name, or if there are only five digits, adding a zero at the beginning. To access the School Library home page click here.

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