Resources for parents : CEOP site … Thinkuknow

Digital parenting   Issue 3


A Parents’ Guide to Snapchat from ConnectSafely For an online version of Digital parenting click here


Tips for Parents

Staying safe online

Highs Exposed


Digital parenting Issue 5

Issue 5 (2016) 

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Protect Your Child’s Privacy Online

Link to ‘Murder Games – The Life and Death of Brek Bednar’

Health Coping

Health Coping – Click on the image to view powerpoint.

The College runs a regular programme of e-safety awareness for students, staff and parents. The College receives regular updates on best practice and training from the UK Government’s online protection agency (CEOP). Download a guide for parents

Acceptable Use Policy

All staff and students are required to sign the DfESC Acceptable Use Policy before using electronic media in College.

Instructions on how to access a student’s  email account on their iPad.

Go to:  https://outlook.office.com/owa

Sign in with the username and password used for signing in to a school network computer.

Website Links

‘New E-Safety & E-Learning Resource Centre’

Parents’ guide and summary info on NPS/So called legal highs