The Dome

Healthy eating at Jersey College for Girls

The College is a powerful place to not only shape the education of our students, but also their health and well-being. At Jersey College for Girls (JCG) we strive to provide and deliver an excellent school meals service, which supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

We have introduced  new initiatives to improve our school meals service and to ensure we are compliant with the Jersey Schools Food Standards. These standards ensure that the quality of food that is served at JCG reflects the principles of a healthy and well balanced diet.

Providing healthy food in schools is vital as we aim to prioritise our children’s health. We hope that by providing students with the opportunity of choosing a freshly prepared, nutritious and balanced diet, we can foster an environment where healthy food is enjoyed and positive healthy choices which will stay with our students throughout their lives.

Making nutritious, healthy food available will encourage our students to make healthy food choices, which is important for their performance both inside and outside the classroom. Recently published research has shown evidence of direct links between diet, learning and behaviour. At JCG we want to encourage our students to make the best choices in order to fulfill their potential.
If you would like any further information on the Healthy School Standards please do not hesitate to contact me on 516202.

The Dome is our canteen facility located in the centre of Chesshire. All of our students have the opportunity to purchase food from the Dome during break times and lunch times. Please see below the latest Dome menu for your information.

Kitchen Staff Members

Nigel Diggle      Kitchen Supervisor

Kitchen Assistants
Lisa Hartley
Imelda Cullen
Marian Aponte
Walter Dubow
Sophia Brady