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An Introduction to Politics: Big Questions and Big Answers How should human beings govern themselves? What is the ‘best’ way to organise a society? This elective will look at some of the big answers to these big questions by taking an historical perspective. Starting with the ancient Greeks and pursuing these, and other, questions through Christian thought and modern philosophers, the emphasis will be on how ideas from the past can inform issues in the present. This would be great elective for anyone who is interested in current affairs and the political debates of our age. It is also designed for anyone who has never really been sure what ‘democracy’, ‘socialism’ or ‘fascism’ actually mean! The elective should be of interest to anyone hoping to study Politics or International Relations, as well as to Historians and students of literature and foreign languages. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Beginners German Building on the Term 1 programme the second term will enable you to expand on the vocabulary and phrases you have already learnt, practising practical, transactional language you will find useful if you visit a German speaking country. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Book Buddies Project Book Buddies is an exciting project that we offer to a selection of local primary schools.  It consists of primary students, usually from Years 2 and 3, who would benefit from some extra literacy time being buddied with sixth form students. The aim is to allow the younger student to choose a book and to then listen as it is read to them before discussing its meaning. This will enable the younger student to be immersed in literacy and to be able to develop their language and communication skills.  This is in addition to having valuable one to one time with you, an older student. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Certificate in Financial Studies Students will learn the general principles of managing personal finance and the course covers paying tax, getting mortgages, taking out loans, the importance of pensions and the different types, and making savings and investments. The course also covers the wider world of finance such as what is inflation, exchange rates, and how the UK Government manages and regulates the financial system. There is only a small Maths content and this covers how to calculate tax and National Insurance. Up to 20 UCAS points (on the new tariff) can be gained depending on the final grade which is similar to any other AS level course. There are 4 exams in total. A multiple choice and essay in January and a multiple choice and essay in May.  Re-sitting is allowed for each exam but only once.  Once the Certificate has been completed students may take the Diploma in Finance in Year 13 which is an equivalent to an A2. 2 Years

2 Lessons per Week

Confident Conversation in CASTELLANO (Spanish conversation classes) Do you wish you could converse confidently in Spanish? Are you planning a gap year or just a visit to a Spanish speaking country in the near future? Why not develop or improve your basic Spanish so you can converse confidently? The course will help you develop your conversation skills to help you get by in real life situations such as telling a Spanish person about yourself and your interests, buying travel tickets, eating out, booking hotels, dealing with any travel or accommodation problems. 1 Year

1 Lesson per Week

Creative Textiles & Fashion The course provides students with the opportunity to complete an in-depth, practical study of a range of approaches to creative fashion and textiles design within an Art context. Students will explore their own individual style and interests throughout a series of varied workshops which will enable them to try many new and experimental materials and techniques within textiles and fashion. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of textile media, including mixed media, print, surface decoration, fabric manipulation and construction, hand and machine embroidery. Students will have the opportunity to create art pieces, interior and fashion items using traditional or non-traditional methods. Drawing skills for textiles and fashion design will be developed using various media. By the end of the course students would have developed a range of skills, producing an exciting body of work and a final piece. 1 Term

1, 2 hour Lesson per Week

Cult Films This elective course is designed as an introduction to some famous (and some not so well-known) films that have proved to be very influential on other movie-makers. We will be looking at the work of several ‘cult’ directors, actors and cinematographers who have produced work which falls outside the mainstream Hollywood style, so expect the unexpected, the weird and wonderful, the dream-like, the shocking, the visionary and the downright strange. If you are serious about film, you will enjoy this! 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Drawing and painting the figure This is a step by step course. Students will begin by observing the sense of form of the figure, then onto understanding the proportions, to details, heads, faces and then capturing character. Students use a wide range of media which builds confidence in observing and recording to produce a portfolio of outcomes. Mediums such as charcoal and chalk, chalk pastel, oil pastel, inks, wax resist, water-based paints and mixed media combinations will be used on a variety of grounds and coloured paper. We will use models and skeletons to have a hands on practical course, but show examples each session of Artists work to help students gain knowledge and understanding along the way. 1 Term

2 Lessons per Week

Further Maths A Level Further Mathematics is a full A Level  2 year course. It can only be taken by students studying A Level Mathematics. As well as  new areas of pure mathematics students study further applications of mathematics in two of Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Mathematics. In the first year students study Matrices, Complex Numbers, Roots of Polynomials, Proof, and Decision Mathematics. In Year 2, students extend their study of Pure Maths and study either Further Mechanics or Further Statistics. 2 Years

3 Lessons per Week

Hand Gestures and Pizza Toppings: Beginners’ Italian Have you ever wanted to speak Italian? Have you ever wondered why Italians speak with their hands so much? Maybe you are passionate about all things Italian? Maybe you are planning a gap year or a visit to Italy in the near future? Or maybe you just want another language under your belt? The course aims to develop your conversational skills to help you get by in real life situations such as telling an Italian person about yourself and your interests, buying travel tickets, eating out, booking hotels, dealing with any travel or accommodation problems. 1 Year

1 Lesson per Week

International Entrepreneurship The course will allow students to understand the key aspects of marketing and business development through the hands on management of JCG’s International Programme. Students will be involved in market research, developing advertising materials and campaigns, financial plans and networking. The work will be real and you will have the advantage of being able to see the results as the programme develops. Take this course and learn how to start your own business while being an entrepreneur for JCG’s International Programme. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Latin surely a useless and dead language and no use to me? Is Latin a useless, dead end language?  No –  its pleasure lies in creating curious, intellectually rigorous thinkers with a rich interior world which sets you apart from your peers which can be seen on a job application, UCAS form, interview or in conversation.  You may choose to study Latin driven by a love of History, Languages, Literature, Classical myths or simply by an interest to explore and try out something new, pushing the boundaries of your own existing knowledge. This course can lead to the Cambridge Certificate Level 1 qualification. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Maths for Science This is a course for students studying Biology, Geography and Psychology. There are a number of statistical tests that are used in Biology, Geography, Psychology and many other fields of study. Even if you study A level Maths you probably will not meet some of these techniques. This elective will introduce you to the key concepts and techniques. Examples will be based on past exam questions in a range of subjects: what you learn will be relevant to your A level. There is no qualification, but your grade at A level may improve. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Mexico Expedition Preparation Students going on the Mexico expedition are required take this elective, it is not suitable for anyone who is not going on the expedition. There will be three main elements to the elective – skills training, knowledge development and fundraising. In the skills training element students will have the option to complete the theory (and possibly Confined Water and Open Water) sections of the PADI Open Water diving qualification. They will also work on other skills needed for the expedition e.g. basic Spanish, fieldwork techniques, organisation and teamwork, how to conduct scientific research and write a scientific paper. In the knowledge development element students will learn about the area they are visiting (including its historical and ecological importance), the species they may encounter (including Latin names and IUCN red list status) and the conservation issues facing the area. Each student will then choose a topic they are particularly interested in and produce a research project on it. In the fundraising element students will set a target amount to raise and will work in teams to plan and run fundraisers to raise money to be split between themselves and a Mexican charity of their choosing. Choose this elective in term 1 or term 2. This is compulsory for all in term 3. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Mindfulness Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to our present moment experience, whether it be a sight, a sound, a taste, a smell, a sensation in the body, or mental activity. Practising being mindful is a helpful way to refocus our attention, reduce stress and see things clearly while also taking some time for ourselves. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Yoga Yes, yoga can increase your flexibility, improve your balance and decrease your cholesterol. BUT it can also help your brain and improve learning memory, as well as, reduce fear, anxiety and stress. 1 Term

1 Lessons per Week

Political history of the European union and why it should matter to me. Same course offered twice a week Students will learn about  the creation and expansion of the European Union, and its evolution throughout the years. Students will gain an understanding of the mechanics of the European Union, which will enable them to form a durable opinion on its legitimacy and ability to face modern challenges. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Self Defence and Taebo These sessions will provide a total body workout. Your balance, flexibility and coordination will improve. For many of the skills you will be working in pairs, simulating defence in ‘real life’ situations and have the opportunity to use focus and strike pads. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

“Speak the speech I pray you…”…a masterclass in public speaking and speech writing This 12 week elective is aimed at students who are particularly interested in applying for senior leadership roles. In each session we will look at the skills required for confident public speaking and will also use the session to write pithy and clear speeches in order to practise our skills. We will learn how to use microphones confidently, make sufficient eye contact with our audience and also avoid being overly verbose. We will create media presentations and learn how to deliver speeches alongside them without constantly looking back at the screen or simply reading out what is written on it. We will also look at famous speakers and their ability to draw in a crowd. This will mean we will watch clips of historical and contemporary figures and discuss how they structure and deliver their speeches to achieve maxium impact. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) No New Joiners – This is a whole year course for those wishing to complete the qualification. Otherwise students can join in terms 2 and 3. Learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages. This would be a fantastic skill to have if you would like to travel or live in another country. It would also provide skills that would be useful in a future teaching career. Even if you are not considering teaching English, this would certainly help you to know your own language better and fine tune your grammatical knowledge. As part of the elective, you can follow the online TEFL qualification with i-to-i, click here . This would qualify you to teach English as a foreign language. More information to follow. 2 Years

2 Lessons per Week

The Psychology of Aggression – Nature of Nurture This enrichment course will consider both sides of the nature/nurture debate in relation to the causes of aggression. This will include social psychological approaches such as social learning theory, deindividuation and institutional aggression. We will contrast this with biological explanations such as genetics and neural and hormonal mechanisms. We will conclude by looking at potential evolutionary factors influencing aggressive behaviours such as sexual jealousy, mate selection and the evolutionary benefits of warfare. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

The Psychology of Relationships This is a broad course to introduce students to the psychological theories behind romantic relationships. We will start by looking at initial attraction and models of relationship maintenance and breakdown. We will also cover evolutionary theories of relationships such as sexual selection and reproduction. In the last few weeks our enrichment course we will focus on more socio-cultural factors influencing relationships including the influence of childhood and culture on romantic relationships. 1 Term

1 Lesson per Week

What makes a criminal, nature or nurture? Do you ever wonder what drives people to commit crime? Is it nature or nurture that shapes criminal behaviour? This taster course will introduce you to one of the most fascinating applications of psychology – examining and tackling criminal behaviour. We will explore some of the most controversial case studies when investigating issues, such as the relationship between psychology and the criminal justice system, police investigation, offender profiling and crime analysis, lie detection and false confessions, expert witnesses, jury behavior, criminal thinking styles and last, but not least, the rehabilitation of complex offenders. You should choose to take this course if you have an inquiring mind and are interested in the complex explanations for why people engage in crime or if you wish to pursue a career in a psychological, forensic or criminal justice related setting. 1 Term

2 Lessons per Week



Monday P3

Tuesday P2

Thursday P4

Friday P5

An Introduction to Politics Mr Milner

Beginners German Mrs Silvestri-Fox

Book Buddies Project Miss Rollo

Certificate Financial Studies Mr Powell Mr Powell

Confident Conversation in CASTELLANO Mrs De La Cour

Creative Textiles & Fashion Miss Padidar


Cult Films Mr Barnett

Drawing and painting the figure Mrs Crowcroft Mrs Crowcroft

Further Maths Mr Abraham Miss Luce Mr Owens

Hand Gestures and Pizza Toppings Miss Morris

International Entrepreneurship Mr Le Masurier

Latin surely a useless and dead language and no use to me? < Miss Batty

Maths for Science < Mr Owens

Mexico Expedition Preparation Mrs Spiteri

Yoga Visiting Teacher Visting Teacher

Mindfulness Miss McCarthy

Political history of the European Union and why it should matter to me Mr Cartant Mr Cartant

Self defence and Taebo Visiting Teacher/Mrs Spiteri

“Speak the speech I pray you…” Mrs Stone

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Mrs Vernaglione Mrs Vernaglione Mrs Vernaglione

The Psychology of Aggression – Nature of Nurture Mrs Jervis

The Psychology of Relationships Mrs Jervis

What makes a criminal, nature or nurture? Miss Gomes Miss Gomes