Sixth Form - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I study?
The curriculum we offer is mainly based on A level studies and it is normal for a student to follow four subjects to AS level in year 12 and then continue with three subjects to A2 level. However, there are exceptions to this and we deal with each student individually, depending on her ability. Therefore a student may follow anything from 2 to 5 AS or A2 subjects or any combination of this.

How much homework can I expect?
This will vary from subject to subject and, of course, will depend on how quickly you work. At A level we expect our students to be self motivated and proactive learners. You should expect to study for approximately four to five hours per subject per week, although this may increase in the lead up to your examinations.

Should I consider taking new subjects?
The attraction of new subjects may be considerable. However, it is important to find out what is involved in studying a new subject. Research your choices carefully and seek advice from the subject teachers involved. We suggest that you select a maximum of two new subjects.

What is the Enrichment Programme?
The Enrichment Programme is designed to provide you with an opportunity to take part in extra activities that are not normally included in your academic curriculum. We believe in the development of the whole individual and not just academic results. Enrichment is divided into two main strands. Firstly, preparation for post A level whether this be university, work or taking a gap year. The second strand is to provide opportunities for work experience, community service and leisure activities. This programme is part of your timetabled provision.

Are there opportunities for work experience and community service?
We believe that both work experience and community service are very valuable. We encourage all students in the sixth form to participate in some form of work experience or work-shadowing. We encourage all of our students to give something back to the community by completing community service. This is part of JCG Serves. An opportunity is provided on a Friday afternoon during enrichment but they can also be completed at another time which is convenient to your studies.