Life after JCG

The majority of our students leave us to continue their studies at university.

Every sixth form student is assigned an Enrichment tutor who is a member of staff that is experienced in a variety of post 18 options and will be on hand to help you in your post 18 options lesson. These lessons are provided for all students on a weekly basis, from October in year 12 until October in year 13, in order that you can be fully prepared to make decisions about your future beyond A levels.

Research is the most important element of your Post 18 decisions. Speak with as many people as possible, friends, relatives and teachers. We also are in touch with lots of our ex students so please ask Mrs Spiteri or Mrs Curtis who may be able to put you in touch with someone who is currently studying the course you wish to apply for.

The internet has a huge amount of information and here are lots of useful websites to help you with your research.

Post 18 Education

The UCAS site (click Here for the link) is where students can research university courses, apply to university and track the progress of their application.

The Apply to Uni website (click Here for the link) offers a range of useful information on:
• Applying;
• Personal Statements;
• Courses;
• University guides;
• University league tables;
• Clearing.

The UKCourseFinder website (Here is the link) is a useful site to start with if you don’t have a clue about the type of courses to research. Try the questionnaire to give you a starting point.

The website bestcourse4me is extremely helpful for research into careers, universities and subjects. (Click Here for the link).

Uni4me (click Here) and Studentbook (click Here) for more university information.

The Guardian University Guide website is a very useful starting point. Click Here for the link. There is lots of useful information on this site but the tables should be treated with caution and other research must also be taken into consideration.

Unistats (click Here) is a great website for comparing courses and universities. The information is constantly being updated, if there is no information there now for your particular course it is well worth checking in a few months time.

Dance courses (click Here).

Information on entry to medical school and medical interviews (click Here)

Entrance test website for certain universities for various subjects (BMAT, ELAT, STEP and many others) (click Here).
University locations in the UK (click Here)

 Post 18 courses in Jersey – Highlands University College Jersey (UCJ) (click Here), Institute of Law Jersey (click Here) and Jersey International Business School (click Here).

Information regarding universities around the world and their rankings (click Here)

European universities (click Here )

Australia and New Zealand (click Here)

American universities (click Here)

Careers Information

Careers Jersey website (click Here) may help you make decisions about your future.

If you are interested in a career in Media then this is a useful site (click Here).

For anyone interested in the working in the social care sector click Here.

Careers in Journalism (click Here)

Click Here for the information service for careers in the NHS. If you go to the ‘Course Finder’ section this will show you all of the courses that are recognised by the NHS (it is always a good idea to check).

Other Useful Information

Gap Years
For gap year information and ideas look at gogapyear (click Here) and Project Trust (click Here).

This Jersey Finance website page (click Here) has useful information regarding work experience and bursaries available to students.

Click Here and you will find information about special Easter revision courses.

If you do not wish to go to university then (click Here) is full of other useful information.

The Prospects website (click Here) is orientated towards graduates, but for those students who are not only thinking of university, but also what comes afterwards, there are interesting sections such as ‘What Graduates Do’. The survey this is based on is a little dated, but it still gives a fair analysis.

The Inside Careers website (click Here) is a site set up for different professions. It is intended for graduates but would at least give you some ideas.

Working abroad (click Here)


To give you an idea of where our students go when they leave us look at the Destinations 2015 download.

On leaving, JCG students automatically graduate into the JCG Foundation click here for more information.Foundation Logo

Which parents guide to University click here


 2014 Destinations for JCG students 2014 Destinations for JCG students (70 kb) - click to download
 Destinations 2015 Destinations 2015 (86 kb) - click to download
 BMAT and UKCAT Information BMAT and UKCAT Information (151 kb) - click to download
 Destinations 2016 Destinations 2016 (82 kb) - click to download
 HE Information Evening 2017 HE Information Evening 2017 (8.93 Mb) - click to download