Tracking & Reporting

 We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that students make the best progress possible. In order to support them in doing so, we provide them with information about their potential and progress.
We are therefore committed to tracking student progress throughout their time at JCG and supplying information obtained to the appropriate stakeholders in order that appropriate action and support is given to students in order for them to further their learning.
We aim:
• To use our knowledge of each student, each class and the whole school to track progress and set academic targets.
• To be able to identify and track the ‘Learner Profile’ of each student
• To use feedback from this process to respond to the needs of individual students and classes to improve academic mentoring teaching, learning and achievement.
• To use tracking data as a basis for academic mentoring.
• To use tracking data in school benchmarking and self-evaluation.
• To use tracking data as a basis for providing regular information on attainment and progress of students to parents.
• To set meaningful and challenging targets based on prior achievement and base line data.
• To regularly track, monitor and support progress towards targets.
• To organise data so that it is accessible and useful to improve learning, teaching and support available to students.
• To develop constantly the quality of data in order to ensure its continued and increasing usefulness.
Target grades are set for each student in the first term of the academic year.
In Years 7-10, this will be communicated to parents in the first periodic report and progress will be tracked on two further occasions through the use of a periodic and then a full report. In Years 11-13, target grades will be communicated in the first periodic report and student progress will be indicated in a full report. Students’ results in module exams will also be closely monitored and support will be given as appropriate. There is also an opportunity to meet with subject teachers at a parent evening for each year group.
Periodics provide a target grade, current grade or level, an indicator of whether or not students are on track to achieve their target grade/level and a Learner Profile score (teachers select the number corresponding to one or more statements which best fits the learning attributes of a student in each subject). Reports contain this information together with comments from subject teachers.

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