Individual Student Needs


The term Individual Student Needs refers to the fact that every student will learn at different rates and in different ways, no two students are the same. They all have differing needs that have to be addressed to ensure they achieve academic success. There is no one definition as all students are individuals.


We recognise that students learn best when their emotional needs are recognised and, as far as possible, met. Our pastoral team, working in partnership with students and their parents, seeks to build on the support and guidance provided by family and friends.
The form group is the basic unit of our pastoral system. Each tutor group has a form tutor who acts as an academic mentor to the students in his/her care, helping them to evaluate their progress and set themselves targets for the future. The form tutor is the primary contact between home and school and is the first port of call for parents with general queries or concerns. Form tutors are supported by their Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher for Student Progress.


The College has access to the services of a trained counsellor for two afternoons per week. She is able to provide short term support to students on a referral basis (this includes self-referral).

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The term Special Educational Needs has a legal definition, referring to students who have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn or access education than most children of the same age.

Jersey College for Girls seeks to ensure that it follows the Jersey Code of Practice (2005) on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs, including the Disability and Children’s Acts. Students with SEN will be placed on the school's SEN register. A whole school ethos exists, that accepts that everyone has the duty to provide for all students no matter what their talents, skills or needs.

We believe that it is essential that students who are having difficulties with their learning are supported as soon as possible. We therefore encourage parents to raise any concerns they have with either the form tutor, Head of Year or ENCO at the earliest opportunity.
Students with SEN are mainly identified prior to admission during visits to primary schools or via the Education Welfare Service. Further assessments may take place on entry to the school and during their time at Jersey College for Girls. For the most part, students with SEN will be taught in the classroom alongside their peers. Teaching techniques and strategies within each class, including differentiated resources and learning tasks, will accommodate those of differing abilities, including those with special needs, wherever appropriate and necessary. This will enable individual student needs to be met and all students to maximise their potential in all areas of the curriculum.
The Educational Needs Co-ordinator (ENCO) liaises with students, parents, Heads of Year, form tutors and subject teachers to ensure that Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are produced, in order to support students with special educational needs and to monitor the implementation and review of these plans and support student learning.

Students with varying special needs will, on occasions, be withdrawn to be given individual or group tuition by the ENCO, lead teaching assistant, a voluntary teaching assistant, another member of staff, or an academic prefect. Voluntary teaching assistants and 6th form students may work within classrooms to support individuals or small groups of students. The ELSA/Lead teaching assistant and teaching assistant have a major role supporting students academically. Students are mainly supported in lessons, small groups or individually. Students, particularly in Key Stage 4, may be offered personalised curriculums to suit their needs.

Gifted and Talented Provision (G&T)

Gifted and Talented students (G&T) are those who by virtue of their outstanding abilities are capable of high performance. They are students for whom a traditional educational program is not always sufficient. They may require a different approach for meeting their individual needs.

Jersey College for Girls aims to provide a demanding and liberal curriculum delivered by experienced staff, who have high expectations and model excellence. Very able students, as others are equally entitled to have their needs recognised, supported and challenged. We aim to reduce under achievement and nurture and develop talent. The College aims to provide equality of opportunity for all students to be inspired, motivated and enthused by an innovative curriculum that offers both enhancement and enrichment. Students are encouraged to be both positive and proud of their abilities and to feel valued and supported by all staff. They are encouraged to share their talents and successes with their peers through form, House, assemblies and more. Jersey College for Girls aims to provide the opportunities and resources to ensure this occurs.

Gifted & Talented students will initially be highlighted using data from CATs tests completed in Year 7 and Year 9; however, this is only a small indication of their abilities.
The Head of Transition and Educational Needs Co-ordinator (ENCO) gather data on students’ skills and abilities from their primary school. Gifted & Talented students from primary schools can be identified on transfer in relation to specific subject areas. During a student’s time at JCG individual students can be identified as Gifted and Talented through departments. Staff will identify a student who they believe fits the profile of a Gifted and / or Talented student, based on National Subject Criteria levels, assessment criteria and individual knowledge of the student’s abilities. Formative and/or summative assessment evidence may be required for this. Within the classroom, subject staff offer differentiated work and highlight extra-curricular opportunities to students.
We are delighted that so many of our girls:
• Excel in their musical talents and are rewarded in success in their Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations and partake in local workshops and concerts
• Pursue their talents for drama by partaking in local plays as well as in school productions
• Are rewarded for their sporting talents by being selected for local, national and international teams
• Demonstrate their gifted ability in Mathematics by performing so well in both the national Team and Individual Maths Challenges and many more individual and group accomplishments.

The Educational Needs Co-ordinator, in conjunction with departments, will plan an enrichment programme for those students identified as Gifted and Talented within the school. This will include sessions held within school led by school staff or external speakers, as well as educational visits. The aim of the programme will be to offer additional and different experiences in order to broaden the perspectives of the Gifted and Talented cohort.
Gifted and talented students should immerse themselves in the Inquiring Minds lecture series. The series is run by Jersey College for Girls and the lectures are given by eminent academics who are distinguished researchers within their individual fields in the UK and internationally. The aim of the lecture series is to allow our students the opportunity to go beyond the confines of their examination syllabus and to build upon the love of learning that already exists within Jersey College for Girls.