KS5 Advanced Learning Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I take AS/external exams in my core courses at the end of Year 12?
No. There will be no external A level exams at the end Year 12. However, there will be an internal exam week towards the end of the summer term, in which a minimum of a grade D is required in order to continue with the course into Year 13.

Can I change my core option to another subject?
In the event that you need to change your course, there will be a period of time at the start of term when this will be possible. Do not make rash decisions upon receiving your GCSE results. Achieving an A instead of an A* or a B instead of an A is not a good reason for changing your mind.

I am worried that I may choose the wrong core course?
It is important that you gather information about your potential courses before making a decision. Attend taster sessions, seek advice from your teachers and speak to students studying your course – ask lots of questions.

How many elective courses can I choose?
This will depend upon the duration of the course and the number of sessions per week. You should be thinking about 4 hours in total per week for elective courses.

Will I have exams in the elective courses?
Some but not all; it depends on what you choose. Some elective courses may lead to certification, for example AS and A2 level Further Mathematics, Extended Project Qualification and Certificate in Finance. Doing an exam is not the key issue, learning about something which interests you is.

What can I do if I want to study an elective that is not offered?
Always ask (either the Head of Sixth Form or the Assistant Head Teacher for Timetabling). We will try our best to offer courses that students are genuinely interested in studying.You can even present your own course.

Will I be at a disadvantage when applying for UCAS with only three A level subjects?
No. The standard offer for degree courses is three A levels. Having a diverse range of elective courses, which you have chosen due to genuine interest, will make a powerful statement about your passion for learning. The electives provide you with opportunities to develop your breadth of knowledge and skills that both Universities and Employers highly value.

How can I apply for Vet-Med degree courses when Universities frequently require 3 A levels and an AS level?
You can either opt to study Further Maths at AS or A level or complete an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).Completing an EPQ in your chosen area of interest is an excellent way to demonstrate your passion for a subject that you may wish to study at University.You will not be disadvantaged.