The JCGV Student Council is a group of students from across the year groups that meet regularly to discuss current issues within the student body.

It is a great opportunity for all year groups to share views and ideas with the topics ranging from uniform to the wellbeing of the students.

We personally feel that JCGV Student Council is a forum of discussion which encourages the students to voice their opinions and develop new school initiatives. We are keen to see students’ ideas being followed up and wherever possible implemented, therefore ensuring that the JCGV Student Council is an effective tool building on what is already a thriving school environment.

This year, we hope to implement a new structure of JCG V, whereby each Key Stage have two separate meetings where each form rep meet once a month. This will enable all ideas to be put forward, whilst keeping the meetings efficient. Each form will elect a form rep to feed back their ideas and initiatives to help improve the College; later on, we will select a Year rep from the six form reps from each year whereby they will have more of a leadership role.

Anyone can get involved and we would love to see as many of you there as possible. If you have ideas, please come and see us! We would love to hear them!

(Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl)

 JCG Voice Policy