House Patron

Inglis is named after Elsie Inglis, a renowned Scottish doctor who helped to significantly improve the standard of medical care available to women and led notable achievements in World War One including setting up Scottish Women’s Hospitals and improving hygiene to reduce the risk of epidemics.

House Colour

Our House colour is green and our mascot is the turtle

House Charities

JAAR aims to prevent and heal the trauma of rape and sexual assault. They aim to heal by providing and maintaining a supporting framework for survivors and their families that includes a dedicated helpline, website, on site counselling and access to highly qualified and specially trained counsellors and psychotherapists.
They aim to prevent the incidence of rape and sexual assault in Jersey by educating the general public, lobbying the states and generally promoting progressive and forward thinking attitudes regarding survivors of rape and sexual abuse.
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Sohana Research Fund

The SRF is dedicated to finding effective treatments and a cure for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. It was set up in late 2010, by the parents of Sohana Collins, a young child with a severe form of the condition.
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Sohana Research Fund

House Captains

Katherine Rhodes
Jessica Garton

House Prefects

Ella Hick
Niamh O’Hare