House Patron

Inglis is named after Elsie Inglis, a renowned Scottish doctor who helped to significantly improve the standard of medical care available to women and led notable achievements in World War One including setting up Scottish Women’s Hospitals and improving hygiene to reduce the risk of epidemics.

House Colour

Our House colour is green and our mascot is the turtle

House Charities

JAAR aims to prevent and heal the trauma of rape and sexual assault. They aim to heal by providing and maintaining a supporting framework for survivors and their families that includes a dedicated helpline, website, on site counselling and access to highly qualified and specially trained counsellors and psychotherapists.
They aim to prevent the incidence of rape and sexual assault in Jersey by educating the general public, lobbying the states and generally promoting progressive and forward thinking attitudes regarding survivors of rape and sexual abuse.
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Sohana Research Fund

The SRF is dedicated to finding effective treatments and a cure for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. It was set up in late 2010, by the parents of Sohana Collins, a young child with a severe form of the condition.
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Sohana Research Fund

House captains

Francesca Germain: Hi, my name is Francesca and I’m one of the house captains for Inglis! I’ve been at JCG right from the start with my first day at JCG prep at reception being my 5th birthday (I’m an oldie). I take English Literature, Psychology, French and Textiles for my AS levels and, although they can be extremely difficult, I really do love taking them as they are all varied and open many doors for me career wise. In the future, the current ambition is to become an educational psychologist as I am fascinated by the mind and I would love to help those with learning difficulties progress with their academic learning. I have many hobbies, with my main two being dancing and reading – I do dancing three times a week and read as often as I can as for me, having a healthy lifestyle with activities that take you away from technology is very important. I am also a leader at a holiday club called PATHWAYS which allows school children to have fun, learn new skills and most importantly, make friends. Battle of Flowers is extremely important to me also, as I love helping out the parish in creating something that everyone can enjoy in the parade, and the atmosphere when you’re dancing along the avenue is so amazing!
Pia Robins: Hello, I'm Pia and I'm so excited to be Inglis house captain this year alongside Fran! I'm currently studying English, History, Philosophy and Psychology and hope to study History and English at university next year. Fran and I have a large challenge ahead of us this year in order to keep Inglis in the top position after winning Cock Cup last year – however, I feel very positive that 2016 will again be the year of the turtles! I particularly look forward to Top of the Pops and House Drama, and also getting to know many new faces. I hope that Fran and I will do the house proud.

Plans for the coming year

We feel so privileged to be able to go to this school and would love to give back something to this community, whether it is by raising the morale of others, raising lots of money for our house charities or potentially winning next years’ house events!