Garrett Anderson

House Patron

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, LSA, MD (9 June 1836 – 17 December 1917), was an English physician and feminist, the first Englishwoman to qualify as a physician and surgeon in Britain, the co-founder of the first hospital staffed by women, the first dean of a British medical school, the first female doctor of medicine in France, the first woman in Britain to be elected to a school board and, as Mayor of Aldeburgh, the first female mayor and magistrate in Britain.

House Colour

Our House colour is red and our mascot is a dragon

House Charities

We have chosen Durrell as one of our house charities to support this year. Durrell is an amazing charity that strives to save endangered species from extinction, especially those that are under threat or overlooked. Its Wildlife Park, Field Programmes and Conservation Academy come together to deliver a unique approach to tackling today’s conservation problems, and it has had considerable success. It is a local charity but is known worldwide and is of great value to the island and the community and we are looking forward to raising as much money as possible for Durrell’s work coming year.

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Mind Jersey
We have also chosen to support Mind Jersey; an independent local charity that provides information, support and practical help to those living with mental illness. The charity tackles very relevant issues in today’s society, especially for young people, and has links to support many members of our house. All money raised by Mind Jersey stays in Jersey for the benefit of Island residents and we look forward to raising as much money as possible for this great cause.
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Mind Jersey

House Captains

Alexandra Murray
Marianne Enget

House Prefects

 Sophia Lora
Amy Lam