House Patron

Our house is named after the British First World War nurse Edith Cavell. Edith Cavell is a true heroine for showing such bravery and helping countless wounded soldiers of all nationalities during the war. She was arrested for helping some of these soldiers escape. Her actions are exemplary to us, helping anyone no matter who they are or where they are from. She once said, “I can’t stop while there are lives to be saved.” We as a house look up to Edith Cavell for her courage and selflessness.

House Colour

Cavell’s house colour is blue. Our mascot is Eeyore.

House Charities

Jersey Children’s Charity
This is a local charity which raises funds for the Special Care Baby Unit and the Robin Ward of the hospital to help them purchase medical equipment. Furthermore, the charity assists Jersey families with sick children who must travel to the UK for treatment. Giving this charity our support means more and more families can be helped.

To find out more visit


Donna Annand Melanoma Trust
The Donna Annand Melanoma Charity was formed in June 2011 to highlight the dangers of malignant melanoma and raise awareness of the disease following Donna’s death in February 2011. Donna wanted people to be aware of the dangers of melanoma and that early detection of the disease is key. To find out more visit

 Donna Annand Trust

House captains

Teigan Purkiss: Hello, my name is Teigan and I am delighted to be one of Cavell’s house captains. I'm studying maths, biology, physics and psychology at A level and my two favourite subjects are maths and psychology. I'm still deciding what subject to take at university but I'm really interested in criminal psychology and criminal law so this is the direction I would probably be looking towards pursuing. I teach gymnastics to children aged between 2 and 12 years old and this has always been a passion of mine. I also enjoy dancing, reading, Pilates, textiles and keeping fit. I'm really looking forward to the challenges that this new role will bring me and hope to lead Cavell to victory. Glory glory glory Cavell!
Millie Thompson: I’m Millie and I am taking Maths, English Lit, Economics and Theatre Studies for my AS levels and I am hoping to carry on with my studies at university studying a combination of English Literature and Theatre Studies, with a Law conversion in my final year in the hope in becoming a lawyer one day. I enjoy being active, participating in many school teams and previous house events throughout my time at JCG. I also sing and played the piano up until last year.
Plans for the coming year
Our aims as Cavell’s House Captains are to belt out our house chants at every event bringing lots of enthusiasm and house spirit! We would also like the house to get more involved in raising awareness and money for our house charities, even taking part in fundraisers for our local charity outside of school. We want everyone to feel they have something to contribute to house and to the school by volunteering for events and helping us to make this year as successful as possible.
Over the year we are fortunate enough to be in the role, we hope for Cavell to become an even greater community, full of enthusiasm and spirit as we fight to gain our first place title back!