Austen Bartlett

 House Patrons

Austen Bartlett was named after the two inspirational women, Jane Austen and Marie Bartlett. As you will all know, Jane Austen was a hugely influential women author during the 18th century and even now. For us in an all-girls school, she is a perfect role model as she achieved so much, during a time when women were not encouraged nor supported. Marie Bartlett was a local philanthropist who donated a lot of money to the Jersey Hospital, hence the name of the Bartlett ward in our hospital, and therefore is a great role model yet still directly related to Jersey.
House Colour
Our house colour is turquoise to go with our iconic dolphin mascot, which has been known to appear on hats in the past. On events such as house music and top of the tops, the sea of turquoise painted faces and ribbons creates such a warm sense of community, which we feel to be the best part of the house system.

House Charities

Juniper Trust. Mrs Mansell, a former JCG Geography teacher, works very closely with this charity. Their work has included building schools and orphanages in places such as Kathmandu in Nepal to support the poorest communities. Our house has been a huge supporter of this charity for many years now and in 2006, a group of students went out to an orphanage project in India. Jersey College for Girls has been recognised as a key supporter of their charity on their website.

Juniper Trust logo

 Robin Ward – Robin Ward is the main children’s ward at Jersey’s General Hospital.

House Captains

Katy Peggie

Sophie Cubbage 

House Prefects 

Isobel Atkinson
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