Extra Curricular


A great deal of valuable learning and experience takes place outside the classroom. During their time at JCG, students are given the opportunity to help and serve others. This experience helps enrich their own lives and the lives of those that they engage with in the community.
Participation in our active House system, led by 6th Form students, gives our students an excellent opportunity to serve, both inside school and also in the island.
Student in Years 7, 8, 9 and 12 also take part in various activities that are not normally part of the school curriculum, during the last week of the summer term, Activities Week. These include off-island trips to Spain, UK, Italy and France and on-island activities such as jewellery making, cycling, horse riding, surfing, walking and kayaking. Students in Sixth Form take part in a structured programme, offering them creative and activity based opportunities, as well as Community Service involvement. Opportunities include, caring for our local environment, childcare, teaching and service to the elderly.

Island Living

Living on an island it is important that our students recognise that they belong to and will contribute to a world which is rapidly changing. It is likely that they may work for an international organisation or work with colleagues from different countries and cultures. They also have a responsibility to contribute and even lead the world to make it a more peaceful and fairer place. Thus, developing an international mindset is crucial.
We are fortunate to have an incredible range of expeditions and off island trips which are not only physically challenging but also develop habits of philanthropy. Whether it is trekking through the Himalayas or conducting a biodiversity survey in Cuba our students use the world as a resource for their intellectual and emotional growth. Trips have included Honduras, Nepal, India, Cuba , South Africa, China and Dominica.