One To One

Careers Coach

 JCG’s Careers Coach is available to students from all year groups, in the Employability Coordinator’s office, each Wednesday for bespoke discussions, training and advice on higher education, careers and employability.

 Individual Discussions

 You will have individual discussions about your aspirations for the future and specific help and advice throughout your time at JCG. Each term you will meet with your tutor for academic mentoring.
 In Year 9 and Year 11 you will meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss your next steps during your Employability Interview.
In Year 12 you will meet with the Head of Sixth Form/Assistant to the Head of Sixth Form to discuss your future plans during your Employability Interview.
 In Year 13 you will have on-going discussions with the Director of Sixth Form and the Assistant to the Director of Sixth Form about your future.

 Careers Jersey

 As a school we have a strong partnership with Careers Jersey and their representatives will visit the College on numerous occasions during your time at JCG.
 Throughout the autumn term in Year 10 you will receive talks from some of their staff in your tutor sessions. You will hear about life beyond GCSEs and courses available at universities. You have the chance to ask questions about what subjects you would need to choose for AS and A level and the different opportunities available to you.
 In Year 11 Careers Jersey, Highlands College and senior members of staff from JCG will hold talks and workshops as part of your PSE lessons to discuss post-16 options.
 In Years 12 and 13 Careers Jersey provide ‘drop-in’ sessions to give independent careers advice and guidance for students with any dilemmas about going to university or for those considering entering into employment directly from school. They are always happy to provide practice interviews for students in addition to those organised within the College HE Enrichment Programme.