The last two years at College will be extremely busy for you as a member of the sixth form. It is a time for getting fully involved in the life of the school and making the most of every opportunity.

 Year 12

 The main focus of the Careers programme in the sixth form is to cover Higher Education and Post-18 options. You will be given the opportunity to research universities and receive advice on how to apply both to institutions in the UK and abroad. Currently the majority of our students apply to university and although some may take a gap year only three or four students per year will enter into full- time employment.

 Through our Enrichment programme you will be able to organise yourself work experience and community service placements. These will usually take place on a Friday afternoon but can be arranged at other times if it is more suitable for you. Placements range from helping at local primary schools and nursing homes, to assisting the elderly, working at Radio Lions, the hospital, local vets and the zoo. As part of this programme and in addition to completing your UCAS form you will also be guided on completing CVs and letters of application.

 In addition to this, Careers Jersey organise an annual Higher Education Fair, which is usually held at Hautlieu in March and the College organises an information evening for parents to explain the UCAS procedure. We would recommend you attend both and that you ask lots of questions, particularly at the HE fair. Although this fair is predominantly for Year 12 students we would highly recommend that girls from Years 10 and 11 go along as well. It is a great opportunity to speak to institutions first hand and get organised early.

 Year 13

 The Careers programme is delivered to you in Year 13 for the first term only. It covers interview techniques, grant forms, gap years and preparation for leaving home and school. In addition to this all of you will be seen individually by the Director of Sixth Form before handing in your completed UCAS forms.

 If you are applying for a university course that requires an interview, for example, Oxford, Cambridge, medicine or teaching amongst others, you will be offered a mock interview and a feedback session.

 If you decide not to apply to university you will be given an opportunity to discuss your plans and ask for advice on an individual basis in the second half of the autumn term.

 Once you have sent your UCAS form (and hopefully received lots of offers) you will be given lots of individual advice on how to choose your Firm and Insurance institution. Generally we advise you to wait until after you get your results in March before making your final decision.

Other Careers Opportunities

 Within the sixth form there are heaps of enriching activities available to you. Here are just a few:

· Young Enterprise Company Programme

· The Sure Apprentice Competition

· Institute of Directors’ Work Shadowing Scheme (IOD). This year one of our students won the overall prize, which was a fantastic achievement.

· Chartered Institute of Marketing Work Shadowing Scheme (CIM)

· IFS Courses – The Certificate and Diploma in Financial Services. These are available through our Enrichment programme and are equivalent to AS/A2 levels respectively.

· BASE Competition. This is a UK wide accountancy orientated competition run by ICAEW open to Year 12. Last year our students won the regional heats and travelled to the national finals in Birmingham.

· International Investment Competition run by Enhance Investment and sponsored by SG Hambros open to all sixth form students.

· ‘A Week in Finance’ with Jersey Finance

· Ogier Law Programme – 2 day workshop

· Baker & Partners’ Youth Advocacy Competition

· Insights into Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery

· Insight into Teaching

· Medical hospital work experience placements