Year 10

 Trident Work Experience
The process of the application begins at the start of the year when you will receive a talk from a Trident representative. This is to explain the process that you will follow to complete your application forms. You will then discuss your preferences, carry out research and investigate placements, downloading and filling in your Trident application forms in tutor groups. Before going out on your work placement you will receive a briefing session from a Trident representative. You will consider the health and safety implications of your chosen placements and consider how to present yourself appropriately during your placement.

 Placements are carried out in the last two weeks of the summer term and during this time you will be visited by a member of staff. At the end of your placement you will also receive a written reference from your employer, a certificate and take part in an evaluation session at the start of Year 11.

 Trident is always a huge success. You will gain valuable skills from your work placement that you can take forward into Year 11 and indeed beyond. All employers report that JCG students are a credit to the school, showing initiative and a willingness to learn.

 PSHE Programme

 In addition to a planned tutor programme and visiting speakers, key stage 4 students receive Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) and Work Related Learning (WRL) taught as discrete lessons within the PSHE programme.

 During these lessons you will receive a talk on CV writing from a business professional. You will then complete your CV during PSHE and tutorial sessions with the input from subject staff and tutors. This will be in addition to revisiting the Kudos careers programme.

 Year 11

 Year 11 Employability Seminars

 You will participate in a course of 3 seminars designed to help you prepare for Post-16 options, develop skills required to find a rewarding career path and consider careers in a variety of fields.