Year 7

 In Year 7 you will be encouraged to talk about your aspirations and how you see the future through your work on identity. You will complete a life triangle and you will take part in interviews with other people in your class.

 Year 8

 In Year 8 you will play the REAL Game, in which you complete your lifestyle dream and evaluate how well it matches up with your career aspirations. You will also study key skills including successful teamwork and improving your learning during form time.

 Year 9

 In addition to a planned tutor programme, in Year 9 you will take part in a block of six lessons preparing for careers and GCSE options.


 You will spend some time identifying and evaluating your strengths and preferences as a prelude to making your GCSE option choices. You will learn how to apply for a job by submitting application forms and letters. Following this, you will practise applying for a Saturday or holiday job. In Year 9 you will interview a partner covering information you have been given for a job application. Also, an advisor from Careers Jersey will visit and explain what the service offers and where it is situated. The aim of this is to stimulate thinking about the future of work and jobs in Jersey and elsewhere. During Year 9 you will have the opportunity to use the Kudos computer application to identify areas of interest. These are also used to identify strengths and weaknesses and possible career choices.

 GCSE Options

 In Year 9 you will talk to key stage 4 students with regard to careers and GCSE option choices. There is an assembly covering GCSE options and considering them in relation to future careers. Senior staff will explain the school’s process for GCSE options, the roles of students, parents, teachers and tutors within the process and they will answer any queries you may have. Departments will provide you with information about GCSEs, including information on progression and future careers. The College organises an Options Evening for students to discuss and research GCSE options. During Year 9 you will complete a self-evaluation form and discuss areas you need to improve upon in order to achieve your best after you have made your GCSE option choices.

 Year 9 Enterprise Day

 As part of the International Enterprise Week you will have the opportunity to take part in Enterprise Day which takes place in all Jersey secondary schools. Your year group will be off-timetable for a whole day in November to take part in this event. The purpose of the day is to encourage entrepreneurial and team working skills. You will listen to an inspirational speaker and take part in a number of challenges, including team games, producing business ideas and presentations. The day will be very busy and you will be able to continue with tasks throughout your lunch break.