Science Teaching Staff

Mr J Aguiar M.Eng, B.Eng
Mrs M Bolton B.Sc.
Mr S Braithwaite M.Eng                    Head of Chemistry
Mrs S Coleman M.Sc, B.Sc
Miss J Greenwood B.Sc
Miss R Lea B.Sc                                
Mr P Le Masurier PhD, B.Sc
Mr T Owens M.A, MSc, B.A           Head of Science

ScienceMrs L Spiteri B.Sc                      
Mr A Sykes M.Sc                               Head of Physics
Mrs J Wright B.Sc                             Head of Biology
Ms B Amy  B.Sc                                 Laboratory Technician
Miss C Billington B.Sc                        Laboratory Technician



The Science Department has 7 fully equipped laboratories and two preparation rooms. There are 10 fulltime and 1 part-time Science teachers who are supported by two well qualified technicians.

There is a wealth of teaching experience at all Keystages and this is reflected in the popularity of all three Sciences at A level. Where possible Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons are taught by subject specialists at all Keystages.

Years 7 & 8

In Years 7 and 8 our students study Science in three lessons per week: one lesson of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The girls follow a Science program which provides a solid foundation in terms of knowledge, understanding and practical skills to support the start of iGCSE Science in Year 9.

iGCSE Years 9 to 11

 In Year 9 we commence Edexcel iGCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course is delivered in blocks of three lessons per week. Student’s progress and achievement are monitored using assessment tasks and end of unit tests. At the end of Year 9 there is an internal examination in each Science.

 In Years 10 and 11 the girls continue to study the separate Sciences. The course is delivered in two lessons per week per subject. At the end of Year 10 there is an internal examination in each subject covering the material studied in both years 9 and 10.

In the summer of year 11, students will sit two external examination papers in each subject. There is no coursework element to the iGCSE courses, however an understanding of practical procedures will be assessed within the external examinations.

Paper 1 ( 2 hours) Core content
120 marks (66.7% of the iGCSE)

Paper 2 ( 1 hour) Core and Extension content
60 marks (33.3% of the iGCSE)

GCE Years 12 and 13

 At GCE we offer OCR A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The A levels are modular courses and students sit external examinations in June.  Each course has a practical skills assessment in which they gain experience in Observing, Analysing and Evaluating.

Throughout all the year groups we offer trips and events to support the learning experience and to help our students see the relevance of Science within the world.

Trips And Expeditions

We have trips to the zoo, Local Brewery, Lavender Farm, Jersey Water and The Jersey Opera House, when available, to see the theatre production ‘Horrible Science’.

We also offer a very popular two week Biology expedition for those girls studying A level Biology at the end of Year 12.

  • 2011 Biology Expedition to South Africa
  • 2012 Biology Expedition to Madagascar
  • 2013 Biology Expedition to South Africa
  • 2014 Biology Expedition to Mexico
  • 2015 Biology Expedition to Island of Dominica

Throughout the year a number of events take place, these include Science Club and Science competitions for Years 7 and 8, and Astrophysics Master Class for A level Physics students. Our students also have the opportunity to attend presentations offered by Guest speakers visiting Jersey throughout the year.Science

Why Physics ppt

Physics A Level Fact sheet

Literacy for Physics



2013 Biology Expedition to South Africa