Media Teaching Staff

Mr R Bonney B.A.  Head of Department
Mr J Vibert B.A.

Why study media studies?

It has become clear that we live in a mediated society in which many of our ideas about the world, our knowledge of what is happening and perhaps most importantly, our values, come from beyond our daily individual daily or immediate experience.
Our ideas of the world are drives largely from the modern media , which produce and package versions of events and issues in their output, and which we consume as part of our daily lives and situations. The media therefore have a very strong influence on us, both as individuals and as a society. We aim to give our students the tools to decipher these messages and form their own conclusions.

The course

Coursework module at AS

Foundation portfolio: this is coursework unit where candidates produce two paired media texts. The briefs offered are print and film based. We select the film based brief which comprises of a continuity task involving a character entering a room crossing the room and having a conversation. The task is designed to introduce them to editing and camera work. Main task: the titles and opening of a new fiction film to last a maximum of two minutes.

Practical work A2

Advanced production module

This is the coursework element of A2, in which students engage with contemporary media technologies to produce a media portfolio through a combination of two or more media and then present their research, planning and evaluation through the use of a blog. This is designed to show the portfolios process of construction.

Theory at AS

Key media concepts g322

This examined unit covers the two areas of textual analysis and representation alongside institutions and audience theory. In section a students answer questions on an unseen moving image extract that is then linked to some aspect of the representation within the sequence for example, genre or sexuality. Section b, students study a specific media industry, in this case we visit channel 103.7 fm and learn everything from historical origins too what Peter Mac thinks the future of radio will be. We visit the show for a week and fully engage with what is needed to produce a show.

Theory at A2

Critical perspectives in media

This paper covers two areas the first being a study of contemporary media issues alongside the theoretical evaluation of production alongside a study of contemporary media issues. In Section A, students describe and evaluate their skills development in their production work and then select one production to evaluate in relation to a media concept. In Section B, students choose one topic and then demonstrate their understanding of a contemporary issue through a range of texts, audiences and debates. The unit is externally examined.

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