Extended Project Qualification

As part of their Sixth Form studies, students at Jersey College for Girls have the opportunity to complete a Level 3 Extended Project Qualification.
The project is designed as an exercise in skills development with particular focus on research, evaluation, communication and the careful management of time and resources.
Students select an area of interest that might complement but must be an extension of (or entirely separate from) their A level curriculum. Students then work to produce an extended research report of 5000 words or to create an artefact - which might be anything from a documentary film to a dress or a theatrical production - with an accompanying, supplementary research report of 1000 words.
Throughout the process, students meet with a Supervisor to track their progress and plan the next steps in the completion of the project; these meetings and the Production Log which records them form an integral part of the qualification's holistic internal assessment. Upon completion of the project, all students deliver an oral presentation analysing and evaluating the processes and outcomes of their EPQ. This qualification, offered by the examination board AQA, is the equivalent of an AS level but, as it is graded to A*, it can earn the most successful students the slightly higher total of 70 UCAS points.
Many universities, including the University of Cambridge, have spoken about their recognition of the value of the EPQ and its function in helping to bridge the gap between the learning styles and expectations of secondary and higher education. The AQA website reports that universities are increasingly taking the EPQ into account when making offers of places.
  In previous years, JCG students have submitted projects on topics including the religious and cultural identity of the Amish, practical methods for supporting children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and the relative merits of various mathematical models for predicting climate change.

Further details are available from Mr Milner (s.milner@jcg.sch.je)