15 Minute Learning Forum

Each week, members of staff come together on a voluntary basis in order to discuss a particular aspect of learning and teaching in a 15 Minute Forum.

The discussions that take place form part of our ongoing efforts to deepen our understanding of student learning and to be the best practitioners we can be.

Further information is available from Simon Milner at s.milner@jcg.sch.je

What Should We Teach? (introduced by Simon Milner)

Date Published: Tuesday 13th June 2017

The 15 Minute Learning Forum is typically concerned with how we teach: with sharing insights, gleaned from research and professional experience, into how best to enhance students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in and beyond the classroom.


Learning Objectives: What’s the Point? Introduced by Anna-Louise Godel

Date Published: Tuesday 6th June 2017

Today’s Forum began with a provocative tweet from ‘Mr Pink’ (@Positivteacha), which included this sentence: ‘If you still have learning objectives written up at the start of every lesson, you’re in 2012’. The tweet attracted a good deal of attention and ‘Mr Pink’ went on to write an interesting blog post explaining his scepticism about learning objectives.


The Big Brown Paper Challenge (introduced by David Holmes)

Date Published: Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Today’s Forum shared an idea employed on a leadership course and adapted for the classroom.


Questioning Questioning (introduced by Richard Bidmead)

Date Published: Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Today’s forum invited us to think again about questioning. In much the same way as feedback, questioning is a ubiquitous feature of teacher-student interactions but it can easily be done inefficiently or in ways that might prove counter-productive.


Direct Instruction (introduced by Simon Milner)

Date Published: Tuesday 18th April 2017

Today’s session provided a summary of an important article, on the subject of ‘fully guided instruction’, entitled ‘Putting Students on the Path to Learning.’


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