School Prospectuses

 The prospectus consists of a coloured brochure, which gives a glimpse into life at the College, including our values and our ethos. In addition, there is also a separate Information Prospectus, which gives lots of valuable information about applications, the curriculum and also many of the initiatives at College, such as tracking and academic mentoring.

The prospectus is available as a download following its publication in October.

 JCG Prospectus 2016 JCG Prospectus 2016 (4.00 Mb) - click to download
 JCG Info Booklet 2017 JCG Info Booklet 2017 (2.47 Mb) - click to download
 JCG Sixth Form Prospectus 2017-18 JCG Sixth Form Prospectus 2017-18 (6.79 Mb) - click to download
 JCG GCSE Prospectus 2017-18 JCG GCSE Prospectus 2017-18 (5.49 Mb) - click to download